Archways Award Winning Breakfast!!
Voted Irelands Best B&B Breakfast 2018 in the Georgina Campbell awards.

Breakfast is served from 6.00 am or we can offer a packed breakfast for you to enjoy on the ferry.

From the Sideboard

Freshly Squeezed Orange juice, Home Made Yoghurt, Cereal with Wexford Creamery Milk
Creamed Porridge with Honey and Irish whiskey Fresh Fruit

The Best Irish Breakfast (If you want more just ask!)

Pat O Neil’s Dry Cured Back Bacon Rashers, My Own Home Made Pork Sausage*, Black and White pudding, Grilled Fresh Tomato, Mushrooms and Eggs your way (fried, poached or scrambled) Served with Homemade Brown Bread and Hot Toast.
*The sausages I make with my own home reared rare breed Pork with no preservative, filler or artificial ingredients. They may look a little pinker than you are used too. This is just the colour of the rare breed pork.

The Slaney Breakfast

Scrambled eggs with Meyler’s locally Smoked Irish Salmon
Served with Home Made Brown Bread

The Kilmore Breakfast

Poached Smoked Fillet of Haddock, Hake or Cod
Served with poached eggs and Home Made Brown Bread

All of the smoked fish is from Kilmore Quay and smoked by Jimmy Meyler in Wexford town. Availability depends on what he’s smoked. If you really like it we can always get you some to take with you.

The Wexford Breakfast

Mature Irish Cheddar Cheese with Pat O Neil’s Ham, Home Cooked Here at Archways
Served with Home Made Brown Bread

Great Eggspectations

A freshly made three egg omelette with the filling of your choice, if we have it!!!
Served with Hot Toast

Hot Toast, Home Made Brown Bread, Homemade Marmalade, Homemade Preserves all made with locally grown fruits, Homemade Creamery Butter

Barry’s Gold label leaf Tea Java Coffee Selected Herbal Teas Proper Hot Chocolate (made with grated chocolate, milk & cream)

Archways Breakfast Specialities (€6 supplement) Please reserve the night before!

Eggs Benedict

2 rashers of Pat O Neil’s dry cured and Oak smoked bacon served on Eileen’s homemade Brown bread, topped with 2 Poached Eggs and finished with freshly made Hollandaise sauce.

Devilled Kidneys

Lambs Kidneys sautéed in butter, finished with Cayenne Pepper, Worcestershire sauce, Cream, Sherry and Mustard, served on buttered toast.


Meyler’s Smoked Haddock with a mild curried rice and Hard Boiled eggs

Haddock Hollandaise

Smoked Haddock with Poached eggs on Eileen’s Home Made Brown Bread, topped with freshly made Hollandaise sauce.

All items offered are subject to availability



Co. Wexford.
Eircode - Y35 PA66


053 91 58111



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053 91 58111

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